Month: September 2021


Music Moods provides playlists for our ever-changing moods and states of wellbeing! We will curate playlists that are meant for those upbeat, Tuesday night spontaneous undie dance parties as well as the slow sad Sunday nights where we can’t stop listening to old Adele… Music has the capability to transcend the present moment and transport …



Together, we will untether the tight bands that constrict our vulnerability and create space for beauty to bloom out of pain, confusion and the constant buzzing of the world. In Jottings, we strive to uncover ourselves and our struggles in order to help heal ourselves and our community. It can take only one person sharing …

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Hello everyone and welcome to Dear Minds: Finding Our Yellow! I am so happy you have stumbled upon our platform because here we are cultivating a community of healers, light spreaders, wanderers, introverts and extroverts, where any and all are welcome and celebrated. This is a place where we can skip the phase of being …

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These past few months of the pandemic, I have often felt dull, with a need to get my hands dirty and create something beautiful. Sometimes, the simple act of getting out of bed, or really breathing in the air, is my daily accomplishment and that is okay. I strongly believe that expectations, such as responding to an email or vacuuming the dust-collecting carpet, must be softened during these constantly-confusing, painful and changing times — we never know how our body/mind/spirit may react to what the next day holds.

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