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Music Moods provides playlists for our ever-changing moods and states of wellbeing! We will curate playlists that are meant for those upbeat, Tuesday night spontaneous undie dance parties as well as the slow sad Sunday nights where we can’t stop listening to old Adele…

Music has the capability to transcend the present moment and transport us elsewhere, as well as interact with and accentuate our emotions.

Music offers a safe outlet for escape. We can get lost in the finger picking of guitar strings or the mellow meandering of a bass. We can become intune with vocal harmonies and aware of the added texture and colors that the piano keys may create. It is wild that the overlapping of distinct instruments and varying timbres can conjure such an array of different emotions. For instance, if you want to cry (like NOW) immediately put on Turning Pages by Sleeping At Last and let your emotions take over, as the melancholy minor chords, sleepy cello and the sorrowful lyrics elicit a deep emotional reaction. But do watch out: this song takes me approximately 4 seconds to put me in tears.

But if you want a hype song that will rock your stuff, put on Nuh Ready Nuh Ready by Calvin Harris!

At Music Moods, we have an eclectic array of playlists for the vast ocean of emotions we humans experience. Music is a constant friend to us, there when we need to be calmed down and ready to hype us up at the click of a button. Let yourself be healed and held by the tunes you’ll find here.



P.S. Always feel free to reach out with song/artist/playlist recommendations!

Playlist #1 Apple Crisp Playlist

This is a warm collection of songs that will get you gently grooving without getting you too riled up. Our Apple Crisp jams are great for cooking, walking around, doing work, doodling etc… Nothing too strenuous, but won’t put you to bed either. To give you a taste, you’ll hear some Leon Bridges, Julia Jacklin, Jack Johnson… A comfy cozy kind of vibe ❤





Playlist #2 Butter

Butter is a Spotify curated playlist that is a great accompaniment for any long drives, chill times, and open minds. This “alternative soul, hip-hop” playlist includes a wide range of artists, ranging from Lianne La Havas to Common to Arlo Parks. Many of my own liked songs on Spotify have been discovered on this playlist. Give it a listen and I so hope you enjoy it!





Playlist #3 Big Sur Bound

Huge fan of this fresh music playlist — I have to give a shout out to my big bro for creating it for me as I drove up the PCH in California. Let this playlist take you on a ride through low-key fields, to wavey coast side roads. My favorite newly discovered artist from Big Sur Bound is Tems — an incredible Nigerian alt-R&B singer, songwriter and record producer who creates such fun and groovy vibes for any occasion. Thanks Nate for making this and I’m so glad I can share it with others as well! I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I have 🙂



Playlist #4 EMPOWERED

Girl power baby! Some of these days, the world feels like it is against us, but us beautiful girls and feminist allies need to stick together. Tweens, teens, women and everything in-between can get down to these groovy tunes. Hit play and feel EMPOWERED!


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