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We’re so glad you’re interested in joining us to take action!

Our approach to smashing the stigma begins with sharing a story. Do you have a story to tell? Join YTP’s league of Storytellers–and join an impactful legacy of activism, empowerment and mental health stigma smashing.


Personal stories from young people have proven to be powerful, effective tools in smashing mental health stigma–and for encouraging more youth to join our momentum. All of our speakers have taken the “Storytelling Alchemy” course, and are versed in sharing their personal journey with mental health in approachable, non-triggering ways.

We are continuously inspired by the young people, who share their personal stories with others in the name of creating change and smashing the stigma surrounding mental illness. To ensure that all Youth Storytellers are fairly compensated, we request a $125 fee to honor their time and labor. This fee does not include travel expenses for the speaker, which would be calculated separately based on distance traveled. 

We know how important the message of smashing stigma is and we want to make it as accessible to everyone as we possibly can. YTP is committed to finding an equitable arrangement with those who are interested in hosting a speaker but are unable to cover our speaker’s fee.

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Twice a year, YTP offers its powerful and transformative Storytelling Alchemy online course, where you’ll learn how to share your personal story as well as the fundamentals of storytelling including narrative arc and how to approach difficult topics in non-triggering ways. Just like an alchemist who changes metal to gold, you will learn how to tell your own story in a way that will help you in your own personal journey as well as impact hundreds of others. Once you graduate the course, you will be invited to join our Speaker’s Bureau and have the opportunity to share your story at YTP events, conferences, and schools across the country! Plus, we offer a stipend for your work because we at YTP believe that youth stories matter and will make a difference in creating meaningful change.

Q: Can you tell me more about this course?
A: Storytelling Alchemy is an online course through UDEMY that focuses on the art of storytelling and how to turn your own story into gold! Using key narrative skills–such as storyboarding, narrative arc, descriptive analysis and more– this course will support you in developing your unique voice and how to approach difficult topics in non-triggering ways! The best part is that you can take this 4-week course at your own pace. It also includes a virtual kick-off session and storytelling showcase at the end, so you can get to know your class of amazing, fellow storytelling alchemists. After you graduate, you will get a certificate and join YTP’s inspirational Speaker’s Bureau!
Q: How often is Storytelling Alchemy offered and how do I register?
A: YTP’s offers this course twice a year–once in the summer and winter. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on when the course is being offered.
Q: Is the course free?
A: The course is free to YTP Ambassadors! For educators, community members, and anyone else who would like to become a Storytelling Alchemist, the course costs $35, though we have scholarship options for those who need it.
Click here to learn more about becoming an Ambassador!
Q: What are the advantages of joining the YTP Speakers Bureau?
A:  There are many, but here are the top three:
  1. Using your own story, you’ll truly make a difference by smashing the stigma and inspiring others to join you.
  2. You get to add top-tier skills to your resume or Linkedin profile, such as leadership skills, oration/communication skills and more.
  3. You get paid a stipend every time you speak!
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