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Tap into our toolbox of self care tips

Here are some simple ways to express self love while taking a step back from the quick pace of life


Pick Up Some New Hobbies Without Sacrificing Your Budget

Cheryl Conklin| August, 24 2021 Looking for a new hobby? Also looking to stick to a budget? With the internet, there are tons of new skills you can learn alone or with friends, and there are tons of savings as well. If you are looking to elevate your skills or acquire new hobbies, here are

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by theyellowtulipproject August 24, 2021


I Like To Move It Move It…Even If It’s Just Knitting!

Julia Hansen | April 21, 2021 Hi lovely readers, I am excited to tackle the topic of the interconnectedness between mental health and physical activity, but first and foremost I want to say something important: You are strong, smart, powerful, deserving of love, deserving of joy and goodness, you are beautiful and brave. This is

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by theyellowtulipproject April 21, 2021


Learning How To Dance With The Ever-changing Winds

Julia Hansen| April 1, 2021 Sometimes I feel like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind — being blown this way and that, dictated by the wind patterns, never fully feeling that I have sure footing. I consider myself to be a pretty well-rounded, self-assured individual, so feeling like a tumbleweed is not a lovely feeling

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by theyellowtulipproject April 1, 2021

Solar Infused Lavender Oil

Solar Infused Lavender Oil

Julia Hansen | January 10, 2021 These past few months of the pandemic, I have often felt dull, with a need to get my hands dirty and create something beautiful. Sometimes, the simple act of getting out of bed, or really breathing in the air, is my daily accomplishment and that is okay. I strongly

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January 10, 2021


Collaging, and the outer expression of self.

A healing and artistic way to engage in self care that I have tapped into recently is collaging. Whether it’s collaging using old children’s books, newspapers or even food packaging items, I have had a lot of fun using my outer surroundings as inspiration and incorporating them into a creative, hands-on art piece. What I

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January 16, 2021


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