Our Core Team

Julia Hansen (She/Her)

Julia considers herself a fearless learner. Trying to make a difference in this hectic, yet beautiful world energizes her. She loves diving into the unknown and finding the constellations of small details that make up people’s’ lives. During Julia’s sophomore year of high school, she lost her two closest friends to suicide. While struggling with …

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Suzanne Fox (She/Her)

Suzanne knew little about mental illness until the summer day in 2015 when her daughter Julia told her that she was depressed. Soon after everything turned upside down with the back to back suicides of her daughter’s two best friends. Suzanne is passionate about community building and is fiercely dedicated to positive change and so …

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Ysanne Bethel (She/They)

Ysanne believes in the transformative capacity of hope. In her eyes, hope is an essential ingredient in bringing communities together to make positive change. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine, Ysanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Race & Ethnic Studies. Utilizing a sociological perspective, she is aware …

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Anaïs DerSimonian (She/Her)

Anaïs DerSimonian is a writer and media artist who currently serves as The Yellow Tulip Project’s Associate Director. Holding a BA in both Screen Studies and Culture Studies from Clark University ’17, DerSimonian understands the importance of youth agency in storytelling–and is fiercely dedicated to uplifting those voices in the pursuit of intergenerational mental health …

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Conrad Gabriel (He/Him)

Conrad Gabriel is an individual with passions in understanding non-profits, public policy and mental health. His ambitions have led him to spend four years with the organization. Conrad is currently a Junior at Tulane University studying Real Estate. He has hopes of understanding the link between real estate and mental health. He also enjoys being …

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Susan Teare (She/Her)

Susan is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in landscape and architectural photography. In addition to a BA in Art History from Bowdoin College, she has an MFA in Media Studies from the Maine Media College. In her personal artistic practice she creates emotive, primal and sensory-based experiences using a variety of …

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