Susan Teare (She/Her)

Susan is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in landscape and architectural photography. In addition to a BA in Art History from Bowdoin College, she has an MFA in Media Studies from the Maine Media College. In her personal artistic practice she creates emotive, primal and sensory-based experiences using a variety of materials and mediums. With the integration of the natural elements and seasons, the regenerative nature of her art connects others to the environment and community. She is also an avid gardener and is particularly interested in the collaboration with nature for healing and connectivity. She is excited to introduce more creative/wellness offerings into YTP’s programming. She also finds great fulfillment in volunteering as a certified dog therapy handler and art therapy artist at her local hospital, an adaptive ski instructor and a photography/career mentor for high school students. Susan has known Julia her entire life and is so excited about finding new and creative ways for the Yellow Tulip Project to promote its message at the intersection of art and mental health. Please feel free to reach out to Susan if you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself at

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