Ysanne Bethel (She/They)

Ysanne believes in the transformative capacity of hope. In her eyes, hope is an essential ingredient in bringing communities together to make positive change. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine, Ysanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Race & Ethnic Studies. Utilizing a sociological perspective, she is aware of how seemingly personal issues –like mental health–may actually be community issues. Indeed, when people come together in meaningful conversations that smash the stigmas associated with mental illness, they are not only creating courageous spaces where individuals can find connection, but they are also investing in the health of their communities at large. 

Ysanne loves supporting and amplifying the work of young leaders. A strong believer that everyone has their own change-making style, Ysanne enjoys supporting youth and adults in growing their unique leadership on the issues they are most passionate about. As young leaders continue to be at the forefront of important conversations about mental wellness and de-stigmatizing mental illness, Ysanne is excited to work alongside them as the Director of Youth Engagement. You reach Ysanne via email at Ysanne@theyellowtulipproject.org.

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