David’s Climb

TW: Mention of self-harm David saw the ‘I Am More: Facing Stigma’ exhibit at Boston Logan Airport and was so inspired by YTP’s message that he aspired to plant our flag–at the top of South America’s tallest peak! Go David! Listen to David’s story of courage and resilience, and how he challenged himself to do …

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Arctic Circle: Stigma – Highlight Reel

Here’s a quick highlight reel of our favorite thoughts that were shared at  @Arctic Circle  ‘s Webcast Session 4: Smash the Stigma: Mental Health in the Arctic, featuring YTP’s Julia & Danielle. To watch the full video, visit their page!

Black Mental Health: Interview with DJ

D.J. is an artist with 5iverecords. In this interview, he speaks about both his experience with mental health as a black man and the general stigma around mental health in the black community.

What It Means to Find Hope: Danielle

“What does it mean to find hope why battling mental illness? Danielle Whyte is YTP’s Co-Director of Operations and Director of Outreach. In this video, she shares what it means to find hope through reciting pieces of writing.”

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