Looking for a new hobby? Also looking to stick to a budget? With the internet, there are tons of new skills you can learn alone or with friends, and there are tons of savings as well. If you are looking to elevate your skills or acquire new hobbies, here are a few ideas from Dear Minds: Finding Our Yellow to get you started.

Discover a New Instrument

Learning to play an instrument has some undeniable rewards, from enhancing cognition to reducing tension. How you learn is really up to you. There are quite a few tutorials online for budding musicians, so you can be self-taught. If learning with a teacher or group is more your style, try searching for discounted offers or saving in other ways. You can often find one or a few lessons there for a steeply lowered rate. As far as your instrument, online classifieds can usually offer some used ones in good condition, or browse online for companies who sell used instruments for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a new one. If you do purchase new, use online coupons to decrease the price of a new one. This will save some money until you decide you really want to stick with your new instrument.

Work Up a Little Sweat

For those looking for a hobby that will keep them active, a new sport may do the trick. Golf, tennis, and swimming are all activities you can learn on your own, or practice with friends. Even walking can be a group activity, or a fun solo routine to keep you healthy and stress-free.

You can pick up some new sports equipment or apparel, and keep costs down, by using online promo codes and coupons at major sports retailers.

Start a Vinyl Collection

If you love music and you’re looking to enhance your listening experience, now is a good time to start a record collection. Collecting vinyl is a pretty interesting hobby to have, and it’s one you can do solo or with other people. Many local coffee shops and businesses host vinyl listening parties, so you can spin your favourite tunes with fellow vinyl enthusiasts. You’ll need a record player to get started; be sure to look for online deals, and don’t forget to hit yard sales, flea markets or used bookstores.

Refine Your Painting Skills

Laying some paint on a canvas can soothe your soul. Learning how to paint is easier than ever these days with online tutorials, paint and pour classes, and courses available at local colleges. You can even stream Bob Ross paint lessons on YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, in the comfort of your home. Before you begin brushing up on your art skills, you’ll need to get some proper supplies. Visit a craft store like Hobbycraft, and make sure you find a coupon or two to use. Be sure to pick up some paint brushes, a canvas or two, and whatever kind of paint you would like to learn to use.

Get Into Nature

The woods are a great place for your mind, body, and soul. If you are a nature novice, starting an outdoor hobby is fairly simple with some research and practice. If you want to do some exploring with friends, check out Groupon for special packages on activities like rafting, climbing, or even fishing.

Make a Career Out of Your Hobby

You may be lucky enough to turn your passion into a new career. If you’d like to start a business related to your newfound hobby, you’d be wise to form a business entity that fits your needs. Many small businesses owners prefer to operate as a limited liability company for the simplified paperwork and easy tax preparation and filing. To learn more about the LLC formation process, call the ZenBusiness phone number.

If you have the time and motivation, there are an abundance of hobbies and skills you can learn online or in a group. With the tips above, you can even conserve money in the process.

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