Acts of self compassionJanuary 16, 2021

Collaging, and the outer expression of self.


A healing and artistic way to engage in self care that I have tapped into recently is collaging. Whether it’s collaging using old children’s books, newspapers or even food packaging items, I have had a lot of fun using my outer surroundings as inspiration and incorporating them into a creative, hands-on art piece. What I particularly enjoy about the act of collaging is that it requires less active mental attention and instead only demands curious, wandering eyes. The recycled paper and materials do the hard work for you — all we have to do is creatively splice them together how we like it. There is no right or wrong way to collage, just open space to mess around and rearrange what already is. Walking around (with a mask!) and gathering flyers from store fronts (in a post-vaccine world!) or leaves/flowers from a neighborhood is a great way to gather more collageable goodies, as well as invite your community into your work space. I collage my flower pots, lighters, journals, book coverings, zines and even my cabinet drawers — everything has the potential to be a canvas! The world could always use more color and curious, unpredictable arrangements of unique beauty!

Check out some of my collaged pieces below and let me know what you create!




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