third anual
PressOctober 15, 2018


third anual

Third annual community hope garden planting

PORTLAND (WGME) — Planting bulbs-for an important cause, as dozens headed to Longfellow Square in Downtown Portland Sunday for the 3rd annual community hope garden planting.

The organization “Yellow Tulip Project” was started in order to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health.

Around 300 yellow tulip bulbs were planted-to serve as a metaphor. The tulips have to get through the cold difficult winters and then they blossom in the spring.

“It’s so cool to see communities coming together and finally deciding to talk about this issue that is so so stigmatized,” Alison Ingalls with the Yellow Tulip Project said.

The organization has held planting events throughout the state and New England this year.

They said opening up conversation about mental illness-is the first step to end the stigma.


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