ExpressJune 11, 2024

EXPRESS: Yejin Kee, South Korea

As a resident of South Korea, Yejin Kee is familiar with the popularity and prominence of the entertainment industry- specifically influencers and k-pop idols. Although they are widely loved and praised by the public, Yejin has noticed many instances in which these celebrities seemed to suffer under the stigmatizing pressure society has placed on them. From strict diets to the way they greet fans, most influencers in Korea are forced to act and live in a certain way that’s constrained by the eyes of the public, and there doesn’t seem to be an escape for them. My piece below is titled “Under The Screen”, a play on the saying “Under The Surface”, and depicts a seemingly happy influencer in an Instagram live greeting her fans, and a black background on the side depicting her poisoned mental state and depression she feels under the eyes of the viewers/society. The materials I used were pencil, white pen, and oil pastels to enhance the overall twisted meaning of this piece.


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