ExpressJuly 27, 2023

EXPRESS: Tyler Kpakpo, Brooklyn NY, 29(@tylerkpakpo)

My name is Tyler Kpakpo, and I am a multi-media creative from Boston, MA currently living in Brooklyn, NY. My current areas of focus are photography and music. As a multi-media artist I have learned that when you follow your purpose, your message spreads regardless of the medium you use.

My mental health became important to me in 2020 following the loss of a job and relationship. After losing these parts of me, I had to spend a lot of time finding my voice again. The more we start to speak to ourselves, the more we can identify what does and does not serve us. Our society normalizes pain and puts us in positions of extreme sacrifice. I believe when you start to do inner work on learning yourself, you start to understand what truly does and does not serve you.

Another aspect to improving mental health is having community. My goal is to find community in NYC around the things that bring me joy. This photo was taken at a photowalk initiative for black photographers I started in 2022. The photo features my friends Anya & Anna. I also started a series on Tik-Tok titled “A Disco-A-Day” where I share a different disco song everyday for the month of July and beyond. It created a space for people to bond through the energy of music. These are examples of how I promote community through my art.

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