ExpressJuly 06, 2023

EXPRESS: Jack Moser, Auckland, New Zealand(@jackmosermusic)

Hey I’m Jack Moser, a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. I sing what I can’t speak. I write songs about my real life experiences and always put my heart on the line.

My New Single “Break My Heart Tonight” was written when I was dating someone who wasn’t that into me. I was in a pretty good headspace. I was happy and I didn’t want to let them take that away from me. 

“Why don’t you break my heart tonight, if it’s only a matter of time”. 

I haven’t had very good luck with romantic love in the past. This song kinda pokes fun at that and shows how as we go through negative things, time and time again, you build resilience and you’re able to look at the same scenario from a completely different perspective.

(You’ll notice the shift in my perspective if you listen to my previous song: “So Wrong”.)





Contact: Jackmoserpiano@gmail.com

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