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MANCHESTER — A group that formed at Burr and Burton Academy last fall is seeing some of its efforts bloom.

Not only have the yellow tulips the group planted last fall bloomed into a beautiful garden, but they say they’ve seen some signs of positivity and kindness sprouting as well.

Freshman Lexi Lacoste said students started the Yellow Tulip Project last fall with the intention of spreading positivity around the school.

“I’d like to think we’re making a difference,” Lacoste said May 9 as the group set up tables outdoors and caught students passing between classes and during lunch.

Students could write on, or decorate a rock, sign posters with inspirational phrases or encouragement for others. There was also snacks — all yellow to represent the color of suicide prevention, which is a focus of the Yellow Tulip Project, and May is Mental Health Awareness month.

The idea is to let those who might be suffering quietly to know that it’s OK to talk about it and share their feelings with someone who may help.

Lacoste said that hopefully, people will connect the yellow tulips and the message they are sharing.

“When someone sees the tulips, they’ll remember the message,” Lacoste said.

Freshman Luke Debus said he believes their message is getting through.

“It’s been quite a bit of fun and it’s helping a lot of people,” Debus said. “It’s going to have a good impact on BBA and the town in general.”

Spreading their message off campus and into Manchester is something they hope to do.

Faculty advisers Kristen Kimball and Megan Brooks thinks the message should spread. Kimball said she hopes to see more gardens of yellow tulips planted at churches, community centers, health centers and anywhere else there is room.

Lacoste said they want to reach out to businesses in the community.

“There are families who need joy in the lives,” Lacoste said. “I will feel like I’ve made a difference in my



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