Fall October 01 – October 31, 2022

Got Hope?

The Yellow Tulip Project is a small non-profit with big hearts and even bigger goals.  We are fiercely committed to building a strong and supportive community and working together to smash the stigma surrounding mental health and let people know that there is help and hope out there.  

‘Got Hope?’ is YTP’s annual October Campaign where our Youth Leadership Board share stories of hope to bring folks in to aid us in our goal of raising $15k so that we can provide more mindfulness/anti-stigma programming to more communities, galvanize more youth leaders, and work towards our goal of smashing the stigma.


This year, the theme is ‘Pass the Bulb’ – to honor that while every community is planting tulips individually this October, that we are all in this together.


Please consider donating to YTP to help us spread our message–and help us to reach our goal of  $15k this month. Any amount that we receive no matter how big or small is so very appreciated. 

To learn more about ‘Got Hope?’ or to discover other ways to get involved, please check out the Action Plan.

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