All Hope Garden Locations:

  1. Casco Bay High School
  2. City of Portland - Lincoln Park
  3. Maine Medical Center Hospital
  4. Maine Medical Center Behavioral Health
  5. Maine Behavioral Healthcare
  6. Spring Harbor Hospital
  7. Southern Maine Community College
  8. Lyndon Institute
  9. Boothbay Harbor High School
  10. Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club
  11. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
  12. Islesboro, ME (private garden)
  13. Kennebunkport, ME (private garden)
  14. New York, NY (private garden)
  15. Westport, CT (private garden)
  16. Cape Elizabeth, ME (private garden)
  17. Falmouth, ME (private garden)
  18. West Point, NY
  19. Lincoln Academy, Darmiscotta, ME (school)
  20. Payson Park, Portland, ME (public park)
  21. Westport, CT (private garden)
  22. Portland ME (private garden)
  23. Cape Elizabethe, ME (private garden)
  24. Falmouth, ME (private garden)
  25. Westport, CT 06880 (private garden)
  26. Falmouth, ME (private garden)
  27. First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter, Exeter, NH

  28. Christ Church, Exeter, NH

  29. Congregational Church in Exeter, Exeter, NH

  30. Regeneration (Lutheran) Church, Exeter, NH

  31. St. Michael's Parish, Exeter, NH

  32. First Baptist Church of Exeter, Exeter, NH