Salma (She/Her)

Salma Shawa graduated from Clark University (2019) with a political science degree and worked in the research field for three years before realizing that she wanted to channel her inner creativity by pursuing content creation and digital marketing. Salma started her social media journey by creating short-form videos on her own TikTok account, where she makes vlogs showing her hometown, Gaza, and educates people about Palestine. Salma has both witnessed and experienced the mental health consequences of the occupation, as well as the generational trauma that plagues Palestinian families. As such, she hopes to smash the stigma surrounding mental health in her community and beyond. Although not in the research field anymore, Salma continuously incorporates her research skills in her content creation process because she knows how integral it is to post fact-checked information online, while still showcasing real human stories. In her free time, Salma enjoys crocheting and film photography.

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