Liz Bengis (She/Her)

Liz is a mental health volunteer with Crisis Text Line in the USA and Shout in the UK. She has her MSW from The University of Pennsylvania and spent her early career working in Foster Care and Adoption. She has since been certified in a Mindfulness in Schools program and in Family Mediation, both in the UK. Liz is committed to helping people overcome mental health obstacles. Her mantra while working with young people is to ensure they see themselves as lovable, capable, worthwhile, and responsible beings. She is excited about helping to make an impact on Mental Health awareness and “smashing the stigma” while working with Yellow Tulip Project. Liz resides primarily in London, UK and spends her summers in Boothbay, Maine. She has one daughter, a loving and devoted life partner, and a feisty and energetic English field spaniel. In her spare time, Liz enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading.

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