About The Yellow Tulip Project

Our goal is to smash the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Mental illness is a silent epidemic that affects one in every five teenagers.  We want young adults to be able to break out of this silence and to talk about mental illness, not suffer alone or feel ashamed. We want everyone to know that hope actually does happen.  We do this through outreach and advocacy work, and by coming together as a community to talk about mental illness in the same way that we talk about any physical illness. 


Our Story

As a 16 year old high school student, Julia Hansen launched The Yellow Tulip Project. 

The Yellow Tulip Project came into being after two of Julia’s closest friends took their own life within six months.  Determined to do something positive to bring awareness to mental illness, The Yellow Tulip Project is meant to let people know that “Hope Happens”.  

The focus of our non-profit organization is to create Tulip Teams at schools and organizations who will help us talk about mental illness the way that we talk about any physical illness.  Planting a Hope Garden is a communal way of bringing people together to talk about mental health and work toward smashing the stigma.  In addition we are involved in advocacy work focused on building community around an issue that effects 1 in 5 people worldwide.


Get Involved with YTP

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