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Our goal is to smash the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Mental illness is a silent epidemic that affects one in every five teenagers.  We want young adults to be able to break out of this silence and to talk about mental illness, not suffer alone or feel ashamed. We want everyone to know that hope actually does happen.  We do this through outreach and advocacy work, and by coming together as a community to talk about mental illness in the same way that we talk about any physical illness. 


Donate to The Yellow Tulip Project

All net proceeds go to mental health awareness and advocacy work. Help us plan Yellow Tulip Project events, create new Hope Gardens, and support our effort to create Tulip Teams in new schools and communities. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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Outreach: Organizing Tulip Teams

We think high schools need to be directly involved in promoting awareness and discussions about mental health issues.

We work with school groups and clubs to help spread the message to smash the stigma so that high school students feel less alone and more supported. We think big and are excited to build Tulip Teams at all high schools so that talking about depression and other mental health disorders becomes as comfortable and safe to discuss as any physical health issue.

We advocate for the posting of mental health help lines in school bathrooms so that teenagers who need support have immediate access. As a community, we can do more to break down these walls; collectively, we can make it happen.

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Planting Yellow Tulip Hope Gardens

The purpose of a Hope Garden is to instill hope and happiness.  Hope Gardens bring a community together to collectively smash the stigma associated with mental illness.  After a long winter, tulips remind us of perseverance and the renewal of spring.

How to Create a Hope Garden:

  1. Order Yellow Tulip bulbs in the spring or summer.

  2. Identify a location for your Hope Garden.

  3. Select a planting date in the fall: Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct 5-9),
    or World Mental Health Day (Oct 10).
  4. Gather a community to plant the garden.
  5. Provide a place for posting/gathering hopeful messages.
  6. Plant the bulbs together.
  7. Gather for speeches, memories and/or wishes of hope
  8. Take photos and videos of your Hope Garden and share with the community

Hope Garden Locations

Casco Bay High School

City of Portland - Lincoln Park

Maine Medical Center Hospital

Maine Medical Center Behavorial Health

Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Spring Harbor Hospital

Southern Maine Community College

Lyndon Institute

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