Together, we will untether the tight bands that constrict our vulnerability and create space for beauty to bloom out of pain, confusion and the constant buzzing of the world. In Jottings, we strive to uncover ourselves and our struggles in order to help heal ourselves and our community. It can take only one person sharing …

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At least once a day my brain asks: “am I enough, or am I too much?” This is one of many thoughts that I battle daily and I know that I am not alone in that. Stigma has affected my life in more ways than I can count. I have diagnosed major depressive disorder, generalized …

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Breanna’s Journey

Breanna Kennedy | May 19, 2021 Fear and silence. These intimate, yet overbearing forces consumed not only my mental health but my entire life for years. Coming from a Southern Black family who has experienced generations of oppression and, moreover, has developed an unwillingness to discuss taboo” topics such as mental health, I was completely

Just Say Something!

Julia Hansen| March 24, 2021 Conversations around death and loss can be highly sensitive and awkward — but nonetheless, incredibly important. Our society often shys away from this topic out of fear, embarrassment and discomfort which in turn can create increased feelings of isolation, loneliness and distress for survivors. I had a really clarifying moment

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