To our dedicated, powerful and amazing YTP ambassadors:

We are about to embark on a very ambitious, ambassador-led fundraising drive — timed to kick-off on World Mental Health Day — October 10th.  Our ask is for you to reach out to at least ten of your friends, or family members or even a distant relative. We are hoping that each of you will be able to get ten people in your network to donate ten dollars.

That’s it.

We even have a little incentive for any YTP Ambassador that reaches 10-10 we’ll send you a swag bag of YTP merch and even give you a shout out on our social media sites. Every dollar that we make will go right to helping spread our message to more communities, and bolstering our Ambassador Program! We’ll handle all of the back-end stuff — but as the faces of hope and the frontlines of stigma smashing — we need you! 

The more we raise, the more we help — the more the conversation is normalized.

Put in your name and the email of 10 people for us to reach out to. That’s it.

Together, we can smash the stigma.